Coders' Club 101

The website you're now visiting grew out of an urge to get elementary-school kids together in a social and supportive environment where they can learn the very basics of computer programming. There are lots of websites, products, summer camps and so on, and that's great, the more the merrier. In this program, we ...

Okay, so there's the big manifesto. Practically, what is a Coders' Club? It is a group of kids, parents, and/or teachers meeting to learn about coding by doing coding activities, and this application is built to support that.

Each club has registered coders, and in some cases groups of coders who meet at specific times -- for example the Tuesday-morning group or the Thursday-afternoon group. Each club has registered coaches who help out the coders and who are able to track their progress using the application. Some of teh coaches are administrators and so can sign up coders and other coaches, and generally manage the membership of the club.

You can learn more specifics of how to run a club, be a coach in a club, and generally how to use this application in the following pages:

Help for acoaches Help for administrators