Help for Coaches

As a coach, you really have two jobs, which are to help your coders and to mark down their progress as they complete activities. The best thing you can do is to work through the coding activities yourself -- at least the initial ones including Sprout, the Maze Game, and Chutes & Ladders. Then, there are more specific notes on individual activities (and their quirks) here.

Then, you mark it down when a coder completes an activity or a step of an activity. Your club may do this in one of two ways. You might have a phone or tablet with you during a session, and with that you can log into the application as a coach. Then it's as simple as clicking or tapping on a coder's name, as all of them will be listed on your home screen, and then clicking or tapping the checkbox for a given activity. You can un-check boxes that you checked by mistake, too -- you'll see a dialog and just have to confirm, so we don't take credit away mistakenly.

Sometimes it's easier, while kids are at it and asking for help, just to keep printed checklists and mark those. Then, after the dust settles, you or a lead coach or administrator can collect the paper and transcribe to the running application. It's one extra step, but sometimes it works better. For any given kid or for whole groups, you can click through to print-formatted checklists, and run those off on your printer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your coders, and maybe you, will often wonder ...