Coding Activities

You can explore the coding activities without logging in as a member of a club -- just click one of the links below. The activities are listed more or less in order from basic to advanced.

Note that, if you are not logged in, your code will not be saved from one session to the next.

Activity Language(s) Description
Sprout Point-and-click Simple graphics
Blockly Maze Game Blockly Direct the character through the maze
Chutes & Ladders Super-simple, Python-like Direct the character to a goal
Allegro Blockly Program a melody
Dicey Blockly Write code to play dice games
Sprout Text Custom, JavaScript-like More sophisticated graphics
Number Crunch NCL (JS-like), Python, JavaScript Sequences, finding primes, etc.
Secret Coders' Club SCCL (JS-like), Python, JavaScript Encode and decode text strings
Baseball Python Simulate a baseball game
Tetris Python Write a program to play a game not entirely unlike Tetris